Is Brexit a Liberal Movement?

New Media  | 06 de diciembre de 2016  | Vistas: 586

Daniel Hannan visited Universidad Francisco Marroquín to analyze the implications and possible outcomes of the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, best known as Brexit and answer: is Brexit a liberal movement?

He begins by correcting some misapprehensions and assumptions about the vote for Brexit being nativist, protectionist, populist and anti immigrant, when the idea behind is completely different. Later he questions why we should promote regional economic blocs, discusses the advantages of them and the opportunity Brexit brings to revitalize the trading system.

The most advantageous market is the most diverse, the most varied, so the opportunity we now have with Brexit, is to use it to revitalize a store world trading system”

Hannan believes free trade is the ultimate instrument to alleviate poverty, of conflict resolution and social justice. He shares some stories to prove the importance of free markets in human life to save time and get all the things we need to have a good life and to answer one of the main critics to it that says this system doesn’t value human happiness.

That’s the real beauty of capitalism. It has elevated and ennobled our species.”

Finally he reflects about the fact that the market and the ability to make exchange is what has lifted us out of servitude to a free society and the big opportunity Brexit is to promote free market and benefit the whole world.


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