• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
  • 01:47    |    
    John Glasgow's history
  • Wake up call
  • 04:13    |    
    First company: CEDS
    • First big contrat in 2007
    • Efects of the recession in 2008
    • ARU proyect idea in 2009
      • Experience and research
      • Business strategy
      • Cool thing to do
  • 09:24    |    
    Designing and building the product
    • The proyect's team
    • The execution and delays of the proyect
  • 12:59    |    
    Emergence of new ideas
  • 13:58    |    
    Launch of the proyect
  • 14:57    |    
    Results after 3 months
  • 16:14    |    
    Disaster 1: Payment system goes offline
    • Changing the business model
    • Selling the idea to marketing companies
  • 20:52    |    
    Disaster 2: The competition
    • Open English
    • Duolingo
  • 23:12    |    
    Disaster 3: Customizations of the platform
  • 24:53    |    
    Disaster 4: Year 2012 the ship goes down
    • Late payments and cancelled contracts
    • Delays on payment to staff and services
  • 27:36    |    
    Disaster 5: Operations shut down
  • 28:44    |    
    Restructuring process
  • 30:18    |    
    Lessons learned
    • Importance of finding one's passion
    • Plan for the worse
    • Keep it simple
    • Hire the right people
    • Practice flexibility, patience and gratitude
    • Take the blame
  • 42:04    |    
    Taking ownership and asking for help
  • 43:52    |    
    Questions and answers period
    • Were you accustomed to listen to the ideas of your team?
    • In your hindsight are there any checks and balances you could have put in place to stop that decline and not got all the way to the bottom?
    • If our project is going wrong, at what point do you think we should go away?
    • How do you manage the bootstrap and restart?
    • What do you see when you hire people?
    • You have a lot of bonuses on people's salaries?
  • 01:06:12    |    
    Final credits

John Kenneth Glasgow: Lessons in Entrepreneurship

New Media  | 17 de febrero de 2015  | Vistas: 54

John Kenneth shares his personal entrepreneurship story of the company CEDS. He starts by talking about his life in Guatemala and his profesional life before becoming a businessman. He expounds all the process of building his online english learning business from the conceptualization of the idea to the final lauch. Then he proceeds to describe the mistakes and circumstances that he calls "disasters" that led his company to close it's operations. Finally he shares all the lessons he has learned from his experienced, such as finding your passion and loving what you do, keep everything simple, hire the right people and let them do their job, practice flexibility and patience and gratitude. He makes special emphasis in the importance of always preparing for the worst and taking the blame when things go wrong.


John Kenneth Glasgow is owner and general manager of Open Gate…


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