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Initial credits
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03:34    |    
The labor market and politics
06:07    |    
The demand in the labor market
The demand price
The supply price
08:29    |    
How the employers determine when to hire
Example on determining if you hire an additional worker
The employer as a profit seeker
The full value of an hour
The government intervention
The Socialism in the universities
The effect of the benefits on the salaries
The salary employers want to pay
The employers surplus
25:49    |    
How the employee absorbs all the benefit costs
29:46    |    
Profit contribution
32:37    |    
Taxation to hiring employees
34:02    |    
Net Marginal Revenue
35:30    |    
The interpretation of the demand curve's slope
Example and explanation of the downward slope
The effect of a higher wage
The logical argument for the downward slope
44:33    |    
The supply price of labor
What the labor market buys
The determinants of the supply price
Employment alternatives
Competition among employees
Competition among employers
What competition benefits whom
52:14    |    
Buyers do not compete with sellers
53:54    |    
54:44    |    
How will the labor market be in the future in respect to unions?
58:05    |    
Is there any tendency in the universities to change the way labor economics is taught?
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Labor Market Process

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