Latin American Influence in European Politics and The Role of Leaders

Yasmin Valdez  | 23 de julio de 2018  | Vistas: 62

Alberto Mingardi is the General Director and co-founder of the Bruno Leoni Institute, the Italian free-market think tank. Latin America is going through many political movements, like in Honduras, the president is trying to reelect himself through constitutional manipulation and fraud, within others. 

Mingardi discusses how the appearance of similar movements and leadership, are causing the European politics to appear more similar to the Latin American ones. He describes the main issues that are provoking this changes, like the concern in the electorate for increasing waves of immigration and how it creates fear.

 People do not understand any longer how their countries are going to be looking in the future; people are not looking at immigration rationally."

Alberto presents some reasons that are rising the populist movement. He exposes the main problem with populist leaders; not only the political class but also the big industrialists. Mingardi explains how their perspective, is promising ambiguous answers, a corrupted environment, and an unrealistic future. Mingardi explains how the evolution of technology has caused information to play a tremendous role in society, but it is still limited in some political issues.

It's a sort of ultimate detachment of politics form rationality from data, (...). Politics is fiction it's not science."

Mingardi discusses the role of leaders in politics, specifically how today's politicians care more about being famous than about promoting ideas that can transform society. Alberto concludes his thoughts on how to stay positive with the political environment, and he mentions the significant role that the freedom movement plays.

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Alberto Mingardi es director general y cofundador del Instituto Bruno Leoni,…


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