Learning and Living as a Free Individual

27 de agosto de 2014   | Vistas: 13 |  

Marsha Enright believes the right form of education is necessary to learn how to live as a free individual in the real world. In this interview, she explains how traditional education often serves as an obstacle to this goal. The teacher is usually an authority conveying information to students, who act as passive receptors with no chance to make own judgments and reason for themselves.

Enright emphasizes the importance of using methods that are individualized and that enhance collaboration in the classroom. The Montessori method, she says, is a fit for younger students, whereas Shared Inquiry Dialogue allows adults to engage in active discussions with a teacher as a facilitator. These systems encourage autonomy, and allow for collaboration rather than passive reception in class.

This alternate approach to education encourages treating others and their ideas with respect, as reason is the only authority and judgement is evaluated through arguments and exchange of ideas. For Enright, maintaining this learning process intact is they way to teach students to live and learn as free individuals.


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