Lección inaugural 2015: The Future of Learning

19 de enero de 2015   | Vistas: 28 |  

Sugata Mitra, a renowned pedagogue, expounds the new trends regarding the educational system that will forever alter the way we teach children. He starts by criticizing the old way of teaching that has its roots in the Enlightenment and western imperial expansion. This old method is constantly becoming more obsolete with the advent of the internet and explosion of information. The new paradigms of education stem from self-learners and their pursuit to solving problems. 

Teachers have a new role to play; they build questions instead of seeking answers."

Later he discusses where did the educational system came from and the structure and design of the classroom regarding the physiology of the teacher. With an analogy of soldiers he explains how education used to prohibit asking questions, creativity was a danger and people was expected to do their work and follow orders. 

"The system is obsolete. It is obsolete because we made it obsolete."

Mitra also talks about the dematerialization of certain things and concepts through time, such as the analog camera, maps, and the vinyl and radiogram and applies this metaphor to education. Sugata is famously known for his "Hole in the Wall" experiment that proves that Self-Organized Learning Enviroments (SOLE) develops learners for the new century, which he detailedly describes. He ends his talk by disclosing the challenge of assessment and how it can be fixed.

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