• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Early beginnings
    • Fear of failing
    • Game plan for law school
    • Anecdote at tennis club
    • Quotes "Ludwig von Mises and the Gold Standard", Richard M. Ebeling
    • Life during graduate school
    • Reading about economics during graduate school
  • 06:57    |    
    Grove City College
    • People graduated from Grove City College
    • Scott Hahn
    • Quotes n , Scott and Kimberly Hahn
    • Robert Craig Sproul
  • 08:50    |    
    George Mason University
    • Karen Vaughn
    • PhD programs
    • New schools
    • Leonard Liggio and Walter E. Grinder
    • Austrian economics program
    • Commitment to teaching economic ideas
  • 16:57    |    
    Handing in papers to James M. Buchanan
    • Quotes n , Robert Nozick
    • Interest in Austrian economics
    • The Great Depression
    • Who is the individual in economics?
  • 22:42    |    
    Principles of economics
    • First teaching experience in George Mason University
    • Global economics
    • Mission of Universidad Francisco Marroquín
    • Communication in economics
    • Market coordination
    • Quotes n , James D. Gwartney, Richard L. Stroup, and Dwight R. Lee
    • Increase in income and productivity
    • Quotes n , Peter J. Boettke
  • 34:53    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Did Don Lavoie teach you how to read a book?
      • Learning about reading
      • Quotes n , Claude Frédéric Bastiat
    • Karl Raimund Popper in the book
      • Think like a Misesian, write like a Popperian
      • Albert Einstein as an example of the scientific mind set
    • Vernon L. Smith
    • Importance of science
    • Manuel F. Ayau's and the way he taught
    • Progress of science through dialogue
    • Quotes n , Peter J. Boettke
    • Matthew Boettke's participation in the book
    • Value of people in the teaching process
    • Why do you think Deirdre N. McCloskey's colaboration will be so important for economics in the future?
      • Liberalism, tolerance, and acceptance
      • Goal of liberalism
      • Role of Deirdre N. McCloskey
      • Quotes n , Deirdre N. McCloskey
      • Impact of Don Lavoie on Deirdre N. McCloskey
      • Anecdote about Deirdre N. McCloskey at The American Economic Association meeting
      • Quotes n , Deirdre N. McCloskey
    • How do you attract the interest of students into the mission of Universidad Francisco Marroquín?
      • Teaching styles
      • Quotes n , Robert H. Frank
      • Contrast between wealth and poverty
  • 01:20:05    |    
    Final words
  • 01:22:16    |    
    Final credits

Living Economics

New Media  | 04 de mayo de 2012  | Vistas: 25

Peter J. Boettke, in a Socratic dialogue, talks about his book Living Economics: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, on which he recounts his academic and work experiences concerning the teaching of economics, since the day he got interested in this topic.

Boettke approaches subjects as The Austrian School of Economics, principles of economics, economics education, liberalism, income and productivity, wealth and poverty, and comments on how this particular social science affects all human endeavors.

Throughout this activity, Boettke tells stories and anecdotes about figures, such as James M. Buchanan, Don Lavoie, Claude Frédéric Bastiat, Karl Popper, Deirdre N. McCloskey, among others, who play influential roles in this field. He concludes by emphasizing his goal in teaching, which is to inspire students to have a better understanding and passion for economics.