Main Debates in 20th Century Political Thought (Session 3)

13 de enero de 2016   | Vistas: 8 |  

During the third session of the seminar "Main Debates in 20th Century Political Thought", João Espada analyses the ideas of Michael Oakeshott, considered as one of the most original British political thinker of the 20th Century. He began explaining the two main approaches to politics, politics of faith and politics of skepticism. João Espada explores the main characteristics of each politic, the differences between both and also gives some examples. During the seminar, Espada also presents and analyses the ideas of Hayek. He explains the two main types of social orders: made order and spontaneous order. He based his explanations on practical examples that help understand the result of the application of both orders. He concludes that in a market economy, as a spontaneous order, lets every person to pursuit his own purposes and at the end this creates wellness and wealth.


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