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    With all my heart I wish that I could be with all of you in Guatemala today. Especially you Olga, Madre Inés, and Muso's family, I´m heartbroken at your loss, at our loss, andn I wanted to communicate this sentiment to you as personally as I could.
  • 00:30    |    
    I met Muso in 1990, when I visited Guatemala for the first time it was the Mont Pelerin Society meeting in Antigua.
  • 00:40    |    
    I barely knew what the Mont Pelerin Society was and didn't know where Antigua, Guatemala was, but that meeting and those occasions of conversation on those days, set my lifen on a very different direction than I had ever anticipated.
  • 01:02    |    
    Muso, as you'll recall, was the president of the Mont Pelerin Society in those days, I'm well aware that Muso had a testy relationship with the Church. Largely, becausen so many of the churches representatives, especially in the 1970s and 1980s, were advocates of liberation theology in an attempt to baptize Carl Marx.
  • 01:27    |    
    So, it was amusing to see Muso's reaction to my speech at the Mont Pelerin Society, when piece by piece I attempted to dismantle the lack of logic in the liberationn theology agenda. Muso and I, over the years, shared many meals and many conversations, and I considered him a comrade-in-arms.
  • 02:28    |    
    Of course, long before we had ever met Muso had been very active in using all of his talents to build an intellectual movement in Latin America that would one day seen Latin America free. He and so many of you who are present today to honor Muso's memory have been so critical in the promotion of the authentic human liberty in your part of then world.
  • 02:27    |    
    I'm here to pay my tribute to a man how was as contentious as he was friendly, who used his entrepreneurial talents, not just to build business but to build an movement of ideas.
  • 02:43    |    
    I'm here to say thank you to Muso and to all of you for the contribution that you have made, the indelible contribution that Muso has made in the history of the freedomn movement, and I'm here to assure you of my prayers, my love and my solidarity with each of you.
  • 03:05    |    
    To pledge ourselves to continue this movement, which he so ably worked to foster, and tell each of you as well, especially you Olga, that I pray, that the Author of humann liberty will give eternal repose to his son Muso Ayau. May Almighty God grant him eternal rest, and may God, through the power of his Holy Spirit, comfort all of those who mourn hisn loss.
  • 03:39    |    
    God bless you.
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    First encounter with Manuel F. Ayau
  • 01:43    |    
    A comrade-in-arms
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    Promotion of the ideas of freedom
  • 02:28    |    
    A tribute to Muso
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    A special prayer
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    Final credits

Manuel F. Ayau: A Comrade-in-arms

New Media  | 12 de septiembre de 2010  | Vistas: 55

In this video Robert A. Sirico honors the life, work, and character of Manuel F. Ayau, which were essential to the history of the free thinking society through his entire existence.  He celebrates his exceptional talent as a free thinking liberal and tributes his distinguished contribution to the promotion of these ideas, not only in Latin America, but all over the world.


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