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    I first met Manuel Ayau in Hong Kong, at the 1978 Mont Pelerin Society general meeting, at which he was elected President of the MPS.
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    At that time, I was Vice-president at the Cato Institute and soon moved over and became President of the Institute for Humane Studies and continued to have contact with Manueln Ayau during that period, of course he had long been associated with the Foundation for Economic Education.
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    We, at IHS and then later when I moved to the Atlas Foundation, continued to have a lot of contact with Manuel Ayau and I became a visiting professor at Universityn Francisco Marroquín and received an honorary doctorate at University Francisco Marroquín.
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    One thing that stands out in my mind is that at that time, when I happened to be in Guatemala, it became evident that the proposed the meeting of the MPS inn Brazil was not going to happen, and Manuel and I helped to plan an MPS regional meeting which was held in Antigua, Guatemala within the year, and working with him was very satisfying andn enjoyable.
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    Manuel Ayau was a giant and my long association with him also on the board of the Liberty Fund meant that every month I met with him an enjoyed his presentations, his ideasn and his good humor.
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    Initial credits
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    Meeting Manuel F. Ayau
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    My visit to Universidad Francisco Marroquín
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    Working with Manuel F. Ayau
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Manuel F. Ayau: A Giant

New Media  | 12 de septiembre de 2010  | Vistas: 49

Leonard Liggio recalls his experience working at the Mont Pelerin Society and the Liberty Fund along with Manuel F. Ayau.  He explains how he was enriched with his ideas, his everlasting humor and great personality, always believing him to be a true giant.


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