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    Greetings to you, my dear friends in Guatemala and from around the world. We´ve come together to honor and remember our friend late Manuel Ayau.
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    Muso and I were friends and collaborators for more than forty years. With all of you we shared a commitment to building on the three I's: ideas, individuals, and institutionsn to preserve and to promote the free society.
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    Muso's ideas on individual liberty, opportunity for all, and the rule of law were carefully thought-out and well grounded on the work of the world's greatest thinkers. Hen nurtured individuals to guide and to lead future generations towards a free society through his prodigious efforts in many areas, and his institutions as president of Mont Pelerin Society,n director of the Liberty Fund, distinguished member of the Philadelphia Society, and of course, founder of University Francisco Marroquín he's added to and built institutions fromn scratch.
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    Many of us around the world have taken inspiration from Muso, because he had to work against so many more difficult odds than we faced. It's been said that institutions aren but the shadows of a single man.
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    If that's the case, think of the incredibly large shadow that UFM has cast from our diminutive friend Manuel Ayau.
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    Olga to you, to the Ayau family, to his extended family at UFM, and to all his friends, we rejoice in the leadership this man has given us, the model he's exhibitedn for us, and the way forward he has shown us.
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    Muso, we honor you, we miss you and we will continue to be inspired by you.
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Manuel F. Ayau: A Great Friend

New Media  | 12 de septiembre de 2010  | Vistas: 64

Edwin J. Feulner exhalts Manuel Ayau's commitment and courage toward the ideas of a free society.  He describes how he was an inspiration, as well as an unconditional friend not only to him, but to the entire free thinking society around the world.


Edwin J. Feulner Jr. is president of The Heritage Foundation. He…


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