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    With mixed emotions I share these thoughts with family, friends and colleagues of Muso Ayau. Like all of you I'm deeply saddened by Muso´s passing, but at the same timen currently strengthened by the example of his life.
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    He was a warrior for liberty and so much more.
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    I first met Muso years ago, at one of numerous events or conferences that he and I attended. I came to know him better when we served together in the 1990s on then board of trustees on the organization I now lead, the Foundation for Economic Education or FEE.
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    Muso and FEE went back much further than our personal friendship did. Few people enjoyed the highest esteem of our founder, Leonard Reed, but Muso certainly did. From 1959n onward, Leonard regarded Muso as an articulate and dignified champion for the right ideas, who would accomplished much for the cause, and indeed he did.
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    Monuments to Muso include the more obvious, the respected think tank, the Center for Economic and Social Studies and the beautiful Universidad Fracisco Marroquín. Butn perhaps the most important of monuments are the tens of thousands of individuals across many countries who have been influenced by Muso's work and ideas.
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    Fame never tarnished the avuncular personality that attracted people to Muso. He was kind, accessible, gentle, happy, soft-spoken but firm, always a gentleman.
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    He understood that how we communicated liberty was as critical as the facts, the figures and the philosophies themselves. You wanted to listen the moment he spoke,n because you knew that this was not only a man of great wisdom, but of great character as well.
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    FEE will always be proud of Muso Ayau's accomplishments and our close association with him. We will think of him every year, as we embrace many UFM students at our summern seminars.
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    We send condolences to all of those who knew him, but we also share, in the joy of a life well lived, a life full of achievement, a life that will go on forevern in the hearts and minds of people present and future that it has touched and will touch.
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    Thank you Muso, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant."
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    Great character and personality
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Manuel F. Ayau: A Warrior for Liberty

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Lawrence W. Reed evokes the great character and personality of Manuel F. Ayau.  He speaks of his experiences in the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and expresses his sincere gratitude for the ideas and institutions he left behind to enrich the free thinking society.


Lawrence Reed is president of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)…


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