Markets as Social and Moral Spaces

13 de marzo de 2012   | Vistas: 17 |  

Fritz Thomas and Virgil Storr talk about the market from a social and moral perspective rather than the usual utilitarian approach. They comment on the characteristics of societies where freedom prevails and explain the ethical environment that’s created when individuals are allowed to positively interact with each other. Storr describes how the markets are able to create more virtuous and courageous human beings. He states how the relationship between economic freedom and morality are closely tied and how entrepreneurs encourage the creation of more material goods through meaningful relationships. Amidst globalization, culture appears to be in danger due to the expansion of capitalistic values, but Storr talks about the real costs of denying this process, especially for poor societies. Finally, they analyze the impact of democracy as a political system to modern economies and the limits that must be recognized for it.


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