• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
  • Relationship between planning and economy
  • 03:57    |    
    Official planning
    • Reasons
    • Democracy and progress
    • Demand
  • 09:32    |    
    • System
    • Project examples
  • 12:12    |    
    Networking model
    • Pedestrian City
    • Motorized sprawl
  • 17:54    |    
    Future models
  • Cities within the city
  • 18:54    |    
    Master planning
    • Building sizes
    • Patterns
  • 22:07    |    
    Guatemala City overview
    • Edge condition
    • Connection within patterns
    • Recommendation
  • 28:45    |    
    Federal City project (Guatemala)
  • Model
  • 33:15    |    
    Architecture languages
    • Examples
    • Risks
  • 40:52    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Could you give us your opinion about a possible development model of zone 1 at Guatemala City?
    • Whether is a perfect design model for each placement or not? And if so, how do you design it?
    • Personal experience
    • How would you approach the fact that many people within the ideal neighborhoods will must move another areas for work?
  • 01:00:55    |    
    Final credits

Master Planning

New Media  | 11 de marzo de 2015  | Vistas: 84

Léon Krier points out the importance of architecture and building planning in cities, and how this is linked with the relationship between planning and economy. He mentions the fact that, what we look around us, planned projects have been done by very few people. After that, Krier shares the principal master planning models; Networking model, in which exists geographic interaction, and cities within the cities model, where beside functionality, it is also profitable. Also, he shows an overview of Guatemala City and its patterns, mobility, and structure, to further recommends a model of expansion and organized growth. He proposes a Federal City project and details the main factors for its implementation.


Léon Krier is architect and urban planner of modern traditional architecture.…


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