Material Figuration

28 de enero de 2013   | Vistas: 120 |  

This lecture features Nader Tehrani, who dedicates his practice to the advancement of design and innovation in the pursuit of integral designs, in and out. He begins his ideological argument with the premise of the relationship of architecture with fact and fiction. His presentation focuses on the topic of materials and technical innovation in this field, as he guides the audience through his theoretical and academic perspective, with examples of his own work throughout the world, from Korea to Australia.

Tehrani states the lack of relationship between the part and the whole, the inside and outside, materiality and construction, to be a main problem of contemporary structural design, and indicates that in order to continue its progress it has to reevaluate and redesign the multiple relations that make up a construction. He also stresses that the architect must not be a victim of division of labor, leaving the design at the mercy of engineers and clients, but instead, should be attentive to the possibilities of structural conditions and urban connections. Overall, he urges to reformulate the position of designers in their work and place in the world.


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