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Initial credits
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Initial words
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Video: Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
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Medical Emergencies
What's happening?
Private practice
Medical obligation of the dentist
List of medical emergencies
Treatment of mild medical emergencies
Stage of treatment
Treatment being performed
Effect of stress and fear in medical emergencies
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Emergency medicine
Hippocratic oath: legal obligation
Dealing with a medical emergency
Limitations of a dentist in treating a medical emergency
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Difference between BLS and CPR
Basic life support (BLS)
Purpose of BLS
Guidelines for BLS: emergency cardiac care 2000
Guidelines for BLS: emergency cardiac care 2006
Guidelines for the dental team
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
Emergency team action plan
Delegation of tasks
Responsibility of the doctor
When to call for help? Feeling that help is necessary
Whom to call?
Emergency drugs and equipment
Critical drugs and equipment EpinephrineOxygen
The basic kit for every dentist The role of an orthodontistDifference between the emergency kit in the 1970's and today
What drug to give?
Panic and BLS
Emergency kits The danger of commercial kitsA personalized emergency kitKeys for your personalized emergency kit
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Final credits




Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office (Part 1)

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Stanley F. Malamed is professor of Medicine and Anesthesia in the Southern California School of Dentistry. He graduated from the…


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