Michael Polanyi College

28 de agosto de 2012   | Vistas: 22 |  

Luis Figueroa has a conversation with Carla de Hess, Ingrid Simón, and Albert Loan, directors of the upcoming program at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, the Michael Polanyi College (MPC). They speak about the methodology that will be applied and discuss its main purpose, which is basically to allow students to find a personal calling, reflect on the legacy they want to leave; and also encourage them into becoming successful entrepreneurs. The directors also comment on the rearrangement of the traditional teaching paradigm, and explain that the program mainly focus on learners, through a discovery process fed by their own curiosity. Finally, they give advice on how to prepare for the challenge and portray what people should expect from it, both during and after the program.


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Universidad Francisco Marroquín