00:00    |    
Initial credits
00:10    |    
42.5    |    
Why are people poor?
02:33    |    
Where do jobs come from?
03:25    |    
Business climate matters
Doing Business Index- 
04:43    |    
Poverty in Africa
06:32    |    
Lack of job creation
07:32    |    
Brick-and-mortar businesses
07:56    |    
Senegal's ranking
08:41    |    
Doing business in Senegal
10:51    |    
Obstructing multinationals
12:24    |    
Poor accept policies that don't help
13:04    |    
Experience at the United Nations
Not taking entrepreneurship ideas for granted
UN resolution "Entrepreneurship for Development"
15:28    |    
Investing in African entrepreneurs
17:13    |    
Bad advice from influential economists
18:55    |    
Entrepreneurial education
Economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín
22:57    |    
Dialogue and conversation
25:17    |    
Spreading the ideas of entrepreneurship and development
26:23    |    
Question and answer period
Is lack of funding for entrepreneurs a problem in Africa?
Investors reject troubled countries
What solutions can we find to get funding?
Long-term solutions
How do you empower the entrepreneurial community with the proper mindset?
Integrity and values
Moral education in business schools
Discussing entrepreneurship on US campuses
Peter Singer
Whole Planet Foundation at Natural Products Expo West
Strategies to talk about controversial ideas
Educational models that thwart the entrepreneurial spirit of students
Entrepreneurship in Latin America
Attitude of entrepreneurs
Showing women what they can accomplish
47:43    |    
Final credits




MIT Global Startup Workshop 2015: Spreading the Ideas of Entrepreneurship and Development

25 de marzo de 2015   | Vistas: 18 |   Africa Development Entrepreneurship Magatte Wade

Magatte Wade takes an impassioned look at the power of entrepreneurs to change the world. What poor people need, she explains, are jobs. Drawing on her experience as a successful entrepreneur from the West African country of Senegal, she argues that creating business environments that promote entrepreneurship is the first step towards generating much-needed jobs. Magatte also examines the current state of economic education and how to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among students. She encourages the audience to engage others in productive conversations and debates on how free markets, competition, and entrepreneurship can be effective weapons in the global fight against poverty.

Magatte Wade is an entrepreneur, founder of Adina for Life, Inc. and Tiossano, Inc. She was born in Senegal and…


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