• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:20    |    
  • 00:58    |    
    Traditional root canal technique
    • Purpose of teaching this technique
    • Technique to use for each patient
    • Overinstrumentation emergencies
  • 06:10    |    
    Resilon: thermoplastic polymers of polyester
    • Epiphany: sealer monoblock
    • Effect of Resilon and Epiphany on dentin
    • Examination of gaps and craps in the dentin
    • Sealer penetration into tubules
  • 12:20    |    
    Thermafil technique
    • Curved canals
    • Rehardening of the tooth: obturation of canals
    • Penetration of dentinal tubules: low viscosity
  • 16:39    |    
    Success of each obturation method
    • Why this root canal treatment failed?
    • An equally puzzling case
    • Most important step in successful Endondontics: cleaning and shaping
      • Use of small instruments: elimination of debris
      • Presence of tissue after an obturation
      • Commentary: a comparison between Johnson and Cruise
      • Evaluation of a root canal treatment
        • Normal view
        • Angle view
        • Extreme view
        • Missing a canal and presence of tissue
      • Dangers of leaving tissue near a root canal
  • 31:12    |    
    Nickel-titanium instruments
    • Passive instruments
    • Active instruments
    • Characteristics of each category
    • Use of passive blades
    • Requirements for using passive blades
    • Use of active blades
    • Indications for using active blades
    • Effect of canal anatomy on rotary root canal preparation
      • The problems of NiTi instruments
      • Different grades of nickel
      • Role of embedded dentin chips for the clinical failure of NiTi instruments
      • Effects of NiTi instruments in simulated S-shaped canals
    • Instrument variables
    • Factors important to resistance to cyclic fatigue
    • Types of NiTi Instruments
      • K3
      • Profile
      • ProTaper
      • Hero
      • RaCe
      • Preparation of the instruments
        • Electropolish
        • Extreme electropolished
        • Nitrite coating
      • Surface roughness of each instrument
      • Selection of the tip configuration
  • 01:04:03    |    
    Story: the gage size of railroads
    • Explanation of the railroad gage size
    • Twist of the Story
  • 01:08:22    |    
    Design of NiTi instruments
    • Change of helical angle
    • Cross sectional surface area: resistance to cyclic fatigue
    • Effect of the grinding technique
    • Cross sectional shapes encountered in Endodontics
      • Pro Taper
      • Onix-R
      • Hero
      • Sequence
      • Finisher 3
      • K3
      • U5 blade design
      • Traditional design of blades
  • 01:16:55    |    
    Conclusion: instrumentation possibilities
  • 01:18:17    |    
    Final credits

Modern Techniques in Endodontics (Part II)

New Media  | 28 de abril de 2006  | Vistas: 955

About this video

In this second part of his conference on modern techniques in endodontics, William Ben Johnson focuses on the traditional root canal technique, resilon and epiphany obturation systems and thermafil technique, among others. He describes the reasons for teaching the traditional root canal technique and comments on the effect that resilon and epiphany have on dentin. He also talks about the thermafil technique, which was one of his many contributions to the list of modern techniques in endodontics, and illustrates the rehardening process that the tooth goes through as well as the penetration of the dentinal tubules.

Johnson delves into the nickel-titanium instruments and lists some of the characteristics of the passive and active instruments. He also compares the use of passive and active blades and describes some of the large variety of nickel-titanium instruments that he has designed.


Modern Techniques in Endodontics (Part II)
William Ben Johnson

Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Auditorium
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, April 28, 2006

A New Media - UFM production. Guatemala, April, 2006
Camera: Jorge Samayoa; digital editing: Alexander Arauz; index: Christiaan Ketelaar; synopsis: Sebastian del Buey; synopsis reviser: Daphne Ortiz; publication: Pedro David España


William Ben Johnson is an endodontist, inventor, entrepreneur, educator and philanthropist.…


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