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    Initial credits
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  • 01:35.5    |    
    What is the difference between a street and a corridor?
  • 04:25    |    
    Return to traditional towns
  • 06:05    |    
    Traditional architecture projects
  • 07:11    |    
    Establishment of architectural typology
  • 08:32    |    
    Final words
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    Final credits

Modern Traditional Architecture

New Media  | 19 de octubre de 2010  | Vistas: 40

Warren Orbaugh interviews Léon Krier on subjects about modern traditional architecture. Orbaugh starts the conversation by pointing out the importance of a street compared to a corridor and how it has gained importance through time regarding this topic. Krier explains how this element influences this type of architecture and describes, based on his personal experience, how he has fought against the currents of modernism in the quest of defending the essences of traditional architecture, especially the traditional town.


Léon Krier is architect and urban planner of modern traditional architecture.…


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