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Initial credits
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Introduction by Jerry L. Jordan
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US President James Madison on money
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The required conditions and challenges for prosperity in a central banking system
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The cost of economic exchange
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The role of monetary authorities in market economies
The moral obligation of creating money
The real resource cost of establishing and enforcing contracts for economic exchange
The establishment of indirect exchange systems to offset the informational disadvantages of specialization
Meaning and function of money
What money is and what it is not
Convenience versus the risk of depreciation in value of a particular form of money
Distinction between inside and outside money
Monetary authorities and how they enhance the quality of inside money
How society chooses which entity to use as money
The meaning of a stable purchasing power
The reliability of the U.S. dollar in the past 30 years
Fiat money and the basis of its stability
The role of a central bank in a fiscal regime
The public and how it can limit the redistribution effects of inflation
The relationship between high inflation rates and rates of economic growth
The debate of rules versus discretion in the conduct of monetary policy
Testing the hypothesis that monetary policy is a fiscal instrument
Providing honest money as the objective of government
Requirements for economic efficiency 
Vaclav Havel on the underlying problem when transitioning from collectivism to a market economy
Hayek and Mises on inflation for the gain of the government
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Questions and comments segment
Do you think the Federal Reserve will taper the quantitative easing?
What impact will Ben Bernankes replacement, Janet Yellen, have on the Fed? 
What are the preconditions required for a potential return to the gold standard?
Do you think returning to the gold standard is politically feasible and is any issuing of private money viable? 
Would you agree that in a market economy deflation and not inflation is an inherent outcome?
Would you comment on the Yuan and China's role in this currency?
What is your opinion on moneys that are not run by states such as cryptocurrencies?
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Final credits





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