Oral Lesions: The Most Common Mucosal Disorders

09 de agosto de 2012   | Vistas: 49 |  

Jerry Bouquot explains thoroughly what oral diseases are and the different existing types. The first part is focused on the significance of an early detection of such conditions, stressing out the importance of dentists' knowledge on the particularly common lesions, of which there are many hundreds; however, he explains just the most relevant, such as leukoplakia, alveolar keratosis and erythroplakia.

Among them, there are those that can be precancerous or not. A list of both sorts is addressed along with images for a better understanding, explaining the multihit phenomenon, which refers to preconditions for getting cancer. He also comments on the importance of selecting the proper area to make a biopsy and the consequences of the failure to do so. Through the entire conference the audience witnesses the evolution of oral lesions over the last decades.


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