Oral Mucosal Viral Infections: A Clinical Expedition (Part I)

10 de agosto de 2012   | Vistas: 13 |  

During this conference, Jerry Bouquot shows different types of oral mucosal viral infections through a set of cases of the must-known oral lesions, which are aided by slides containing illustrative pictures of the diseases.

A few of the cases reviewed are ulcers, blisters, vesicles, bulla lesions, and pseudovesicles; however, the focus is set on herpes simplex type I and II. He provides pointers to detect and classify each infection presented, such as paying attention to the color, size, area, and aging of the infection, as well as how to recognize different types of herpes, the current medical treatments available, early detection, triggers, red flags for detecting more severe diseases, and herpes look-alikes, such as severe sun burns, allergic reactions to medicaments, impetigo and perioral dermatitis.

Bouquout mentions the medical breakthrough in the area of oral mucosal infections, the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), which is a revolutionary method applied to detect infectious diseases.


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