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    Initial credits
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    Can you talk about the interplay between the austrian economics and the experimental program at George Mason University?
    • Political philosophy in the Austrian tradition
    • Social Network Theory
    • Monetary policy for the contemporary world
  • 07:40    |    
    Can you comment on the role that trust plays in market efficiency?
  • Role of trust in political economy
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Political Philosophy in Austrian and Experimental Economics

New Media  | 22 de octubre de 2012  | Vistas: 48

George Mason University (GMU) stands as one of the most influential contemporary institutions that take into account the Austrian tradition in its educational programs. Daniel Houser speaks about the work that is being done by researchers and academics at GMU and explains how political economy, experimental economics, and the Austrian philosophy have merged in order to explain complex cases of our society. He also comments on the importance that trust has in the political economy of a country and elaborates on the role that this specific element has in promoting exchange, development, and market efficiency.





Daniel Houser is chairman of the Department of Economics and director…


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