00:00    |    
Initial credits
00:06    |    
00:54    |    
Eric Höweler's teaching experience at Harvard School
01:42    |    
Graduate School of Design building
Constant work exhibitions by the students
Compound learning module
Importance of representation
Spacial literacy focus
04:26    |    
Freshman architectural projects
Classic architectural view
Project of inserting an elevator into an existing building maintaining its symmetry
Student's approach to the project
07:17    |    
First semester program at Harvard
Project of inserting a house in-between two houses preserving special features
Student's approach to the project
Another student's approach to the project
Usage of laser cutters and other resources by students
09:52    |    
Second semester program
Complementary ideas
Project of defining a unit through a brick
Student's approach to the project
Process of simplexity
Evolution from a brick to an actual building unit
Student's approach to the project
17:55    |    
Third semester program
Experimental performing art center project
Feasible student proposal ideas
Current changes in the Graduate School of Design
Introduction of landscape urbanism project
Student's approach to the project
26:08    |    
Meejin Yoon's teaching experience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
27:21    |    
MIT's basic principles and influences
28:50    |    
First exercises in Yoon's class
30:19    |    
Roofing project from a graduate studio
30:49    |    
New Bedford river boathouse project
Reorientation of the project
36:14    |    
MIT's workshop methodology
36:35    |    
Cambodian school workshop
38:18    |    
On-campus technological workshops
38:28    |    
How to make almost anything course
Milling processes and techniques
41:59    |    
Personal Fab Labs mission
43:24    |    
Relevance in the architectural scene
43:40    |    
Student project with temperature in a breathing screen
44:34    |    
Option studio based on the use of energy
46:27    |    
Current installations at MIT
46:56    |    
Student project using ice as bricks
47:38    |    
Student projects using folding and aggregation techniques
49:00    |    
The Windscreen Project by Meejin Yoon and her students
51:30    |    
Question and answer period
Do you have any projects in collaboration between the two schools?
How do you, as a teacher, manage to make your students learn the technical and the software aspects of architecture?
56:46    |    
Finl credits




Protocols and Pedagogies

14 de marzo de 2011   | Vistas: 3 |  

Meejin Yoon and Eric Höweler share their experiences as teachers of architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Höweler talks about the learning process, semester by semester, that his students undergo and presents several projects they have done. He speaks about the methodology used by him, which essentially exposes students to real-life scenarios applied to their careers.

On the other hand, Meejin Yoon describes a few courses taught at MIT and explains the educational development of  her students. She also speaks about the projects her students have done.

Both teachers comment on the importance of integrating various processes and techniques in the architectural world and explain the influence technology has on it, presently. 

Eric Höweler is architect; he is design critic in architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Previously, he taught at…

Meejin Yoon is architect, designer and educator. She is founder of MY Studio and associate professor with tenure in the…


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