• 00:01    |    
    Presentation of Jane Shaw and Richard Stroup, by Armando de la Torre
  • 04:44    |    
    Beginning of lecture by Jane Shaw
  • 04:49    |    
  • 05:51    |    
  • The dark side of democracy
  • 08:44    |    
    The progressives
  • 12:50    |    
    About Public Choice
  • 17:45    |    
    Rational ignorance
  • 22:30    |    
    Beginning of lecture by Richard Stroup
  • 22:42    |    
    Institutions matter
  • The case of Ethiopia and The Netherlands
  • 28:53    |    
    Politics and the market
  • 35:50    |    
    Government activities
  • 46:43    |    
    Short sighted
  • 49:39    |    
    Operational efficiency
  • 57:41    |    
    Governments in the real world
  • 01:06:15    |    
    Governments are not productive
  • 01:07:25    |    
    Countries with the least economic freedom
  • 01:21:46    |    

Public Choice

New Media  | 26 de octubre de 1998  | Vistas: 2755

About this video

Jane Shaw and Richard Stroup discuss and share ideas of the discipline of public choice as well as its background. Jane Shaw talks about the lack of self-confidence in democracy and comments on its dark side. She describes public choice as a discipline that helps explain why the activity of government is not so necessary and also criticizes the rational ignorance that people have even in the most developed countries. Richard Stroup points out the importance of institutions and shares the examples of Ethiopia and the Netherlands. He categorizes government activities into two groups that have different roles: Protective and productive. He also comments on the government's lack of operational efficiency and the fact that the countries with the least economic freedom are those in which the government has the largest role in the economy.


Public Choice
Jane Shaw, Richard Stroup

Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, October 26, 1998

Digitized by New Media - UFM. Guatemala, October 1998
Index: Inés Zuñiga; synopsis: Sebastian del Buey; synopsis reviser: Daphne Ortiz; publication: Pedro David España


Jane Shaw is a Senior Fellow of PERC, Property and Environment…

Richard Stroup is Senior Fellow at PERC and is professor of…