• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
  • 01:17    |    
    Job opportunity as budget director
  • 02:26    |    
    Consequences of the recession in Michigan
  • Loss of jobs
  • 03:55    |    
    Decision of working in Michigan
  • 05:44    |    
    Analogy between personal and government financial practices
  • 06:43    |    
    Problems found in Michigan
    • Balancing the budget
    • Actions taken
    • General loss of population
  • 12:18    |    
    • Tax reform
    • Generational equity
    • Reforms made
  • 15:17    |    
    Result of reforms
  • 16:20    |    
    Perception of Guatemala's public deficit
  • 17:37    |    
    View on debt
  • 19:47    |    
    Proper use of debt
  • 21:37    |    
    Guatemala's operating deficit
    • Problematic in Guatemala
    • Steps to improve the situation
  • 26:21    |    
    Michigan's tax structure situation
  • 27:35    |    
    Lessons learned
    • Importance of a proper structure
    • Prudent use of debt in Utah
    • Debt policy
    • Responsible policy creation
    • Transparency
  • 34:16    |    
    Detroit's situation
  • Current situation
  • 40:28    |    
    Question and answer period
    • What is your criteria in order to choose one solution and exclude the others?
    • How did you deal with the unintended consequences of your solutions?
    • Problems in Guatemala
    • How did you deal with the waste of money?
    • Strategy in the University of Utah
    • Transparency and definition of objectives
    • How much government involvement do we need in health care and in what degree?
    • Transparency in budget
    • What is your personal opinion on sunset law?
    • Film incentive in Michigan
    • How important are economic incentives?
    • State's role in economic development
    • Based on your experience what are the capabilities you need to have in public budget offices?
    • Characteristics of a good budget director
    • Guatemala's lower debt rating
    • Ideological discussion
    • Transparency in roles
    • Politicians influence on budget
  • 01:02:10    |    
    Final credits

Public Deficit: Case Studies and Lessons Learned from the United States

New Media  | 14 de enero de 2015  | Vistas: 8

John Nixon shares his experiences working for governor Rich Snyder in Michigan as the budget director. He addresses the consequences and effects the recession had in Michigan as well as the problems found in the state budget. Then he points out the reforms and actions taken to improve the situation and the results of his work. He also talks about some of the lessons learned and key points to take into consideration for a good budget and how to avoid public deficit. He gives his view on Guatemala's operating deficit and the different circumstances that affect our situation. Nixon expounds Detroit's case study and its current situation. The participants along with John Nixon discuss several topics regarding public deficit and Guatemala's situation, such as transparency in different roles, politicians influence on budget and the state's role in economic development.



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