Real Crimes behind the War on Drugs

07 de mayo de 2011   | Vistas: 9 |   Corruption Crime Crisis Drugs

Robert Higgs shares his knowledge on the effects of the war on drugs. He comments on the way the fight against the cartels affects people in their everyday lives, not only in terms of money but also in the outcome of violence and, unfortunately, at the same time, the way many other benefit from the misfortune created by the drug market. Higgs refers to the use of drugs as a victimless crime, because it involves the will of people to buy and use them, emphasizing that there is no harm imposed on any unwilling participant, however, the crimes resulting of this activity are what cause the real damage. Finally, he states his awareness on the pressure the government of the United States would inflict on any country, willing to remove themselves from this war on drugs.


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