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Initial credits
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Introduction by Astrid Ayala
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Based on the book,  Reforming U.S. Financial Markets, what would be the main post-crisis reforms that you would recommend in order to prevent a future financial meltdown?
Benefits of Over-the-counter derivatives (OTC)
Effectiveness of a Central Clearing House
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What do you think about Robert Shiller's proposal regarding financial reforms that acknowledges the importance of a behavioral finance concept?
Financial improvements through consumer testing
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What are your recommendations for the issues that led to the financial crisis inside financial derivative markets?
Illiquidity of markets during a financial crisis
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What do you think the consequences will be when Ben Bernanke buys 600 billlion dollars in U.S. Treasury securities and lowers interest rates?
Management of U.S. market economy inflation and confidence expectations
Federal Reserve's inflation prevention policy
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Final words
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Final credits




Reforming US Financial Market: A Conversation with Randall S. Kroszner

16 de marzo de 2011   | Vistas: 7 |   Crisis Economic Crisis Financial Reform

Astrid Ayala has a conversation with Randall Kroszner. They talk about the recent economic crisis, based on his book Reforming U.S. Financial Markets, which specializes on this issue, focusing on the factors that led to it. He explains his view regarding this financial problem and provides his personal recommendations for preventing a future meltdown. He also speaks about the policies that are being implemented, at the time, by central economic agencies in the United States and predicts their possible outcome in the near future.


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