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Why is the knowledge of the Austrian School of Economics so relevant in the 21st Century?
Role of the Austrian School of Economics in establishing peace and prosperity
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Why are Austrian economics not a mainstream trend presently?
Reinsertion of Austrian arguments by mainstream economists
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As coauthor of the book  The Economic Way of Thinking, why is it important to think in terms of economics?
The Economic Way of Thinking focuses on everyday trade-off situations and the existence of laws of economics
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What is the role of ethics in the context of the Austrian School of Economics?
Quotes Friedrich A. Hayek
Nonmoral character of markets
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Final words
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Relevance of the Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century

13 de junio de 2011   | Vistas: 9 |   Capitalism Central Planning Classical Liberalism Ethics

The Austrian School of Economics has prevailed through time given the relevance it has gained in understanding the way markets really work. Peter Boettke has a conversation with Luis Figueroa regarding the importance of the philosophy of economics and explains the value of its premises. They discuss the process of thinking and understanding life through an economics point of view, as a result of dynamic laws present in everyday situations. Finally, Boettke comments on the role of ethics in the Austrian School of Economics and portrays common misconceptions about these sciences.

Peter Boettke is professor of economics at George Mason University, where he also serves as vice president for research, BB&T…


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