00:01    |    
Initial credits
00:06    |    
Radlab Incorporated 
The office as a laboratory for experimentation and development
Redevelopment of the office space 
Architectural space as an empty canvas
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) fabrication in the workshop
06:00    |    
Documentation of projects and design processes in similar contexts to achieve a goal 
08:00    |    
Other design examples from machinery process
09:32    |    
Form and function in bookshelves 
10:46    |    
Cost-effective way of processing materials and elements
13:36    |    
Capture and comprehension of the design process 
One Main, Cambridge, Massachusetts (2010) 
Construction document as a new tool in minimizing miscommunication and unifying the manifestation of the design 
Practical ideas in coding and construction 
Video explaining in detail how the project is made in toolpads 
Video detailing the construction document for CNC fabrication 
Video narrating the visual continuity across the surface in an algorithmic process 
Accuracy over space in the ceiling panel 
Sensitivity to materials and material waste: Eli's Bed, Cambridge, Massachusetts (2011)
Robotic arm fabrication
Fort Point Channel Bench, Boston, Massachusetts (2013) 
Natural erosion as a fenomenal beauty
Video of the initial design process  
Video of the fabrication of the model
Continual erosion of the bench by means of design thinking 
37:36    |    
Rationalizing panelization research (2011)  
Solution by a flat surface of a predetermined geometry
Creation of panels by dynamic connections and fluid contexts 
Alive real time process of the kit of parts 
42:18    |    
Products and projects
New Balance Innovation Studio  
Redesign of athletes running shoes 
Manifestation of the data set into performance-based design 
Injection molding in negative design of shoes 
Hand rehabilitation apparatus (2011) 
Product development and its interaction with the human skin 
Synthesis of disparate technologies in design thinking 
Integration of the robotic arm in the design process 
Process of joint connections and robotic construction 
Video about the different process prototypes in wall configurations 
01:04:55    |    
Question and answer period
How are you avoiding the common mistake about people confusing architects with industrial designers? 
What is the way of persuading the client to accept digital fabrication? 
Comment about entrepreneurship in architecture 
Do you have an insight on how to protect intellectual properties and patent applications? 
01:23:03    |    
Final credits 




Research and Design

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Matthew Trimble, founder of Radlab Inc., a design and fabrication consulting firm which combines architecture, design computing, digital fabrication and product development, shares the research and design work carried out by his team. As he shows videos and explains many of the innovative projects and products developed, he elaborates on the different techniques employed taking advantage of technology and applying empirical evidence as well, and also comments on the fact that experimenting is an essential part of applied research. The variety of their successful fabrications displayed, range from projects for shoe companies to medical devices, all approached within the context of architectural thinking.


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