Richard Ebeling Speech During the Ceremony for Honor Graduates

New Media  | 06 de mayo de 2022  | Vistas: 24

At the 2022 distinction ceremony, honorary doctor Richard Ebeling congratulated the graduates in his introductory address. In the same way, he exhorted them to continue on that path of excellence that has led them to graduation.

During his speech, Dr. Ebeling spoke about the environment that has allowed graduates to fully develop. Values ​​such as dignity and respect encourage skills such as reasoning, reflection, thought and debate, which are characteristics that the institution leaves them with in their personal and professional careers. However, freedom and liberty are the most important values that the institution offers because they allows us to choose our occupation, to associate with other people and reach agreements, to choose where and how to work, despite the fact that there are forces that seek to limit our opportunities.

In this sense, Dr. Ebeling stressed that Francisco Marroquín University has become a voice that promotes these values, so that ideas can prevail in a free society. From the institution of private property, human freedom, the right to free association, both at the market level and at the individual level, as well as an impartial rule of law, in a government that recognizes that it is a duty to protect and not violate the rights of citizens. He also remarked that despite the knowledge acquired, graduates should not forget these founding principles that allowed the environment for this education to take place.

Because the future is in your hands, the future of your own life, the future of your own country, and as a member of the global society of the world, influencing and helping to make a better global community of free people who together, in their voluntary market associations, can generate prosperity, betterment advancement of civilization and society.”

With these words, Dr. Ebeling congratulated the new honorary graduates, thus closing his speech and urging them to continue leading a life of excellence for the generations that follow.


Author, economist, professor and honorary doctor of UFM