Robert Chitester, My TV Entrepreneurial Journey

New Media  | 14 de febrero de 2017  | Vistas: 259

Robert Chitester shares hints and tips from his TV entrepreneurial journey in creating the Free to Choose Network to guide students become media professionals and gives a brief introduction to Milton Friedman, a very rare “commodity” in the media business, because he was a great communicator of ideas. He describes Friedman’s characteristics and values, that made him a one of a kind person.

In that sense Milton Friedman is an object lesson for you.”

Later he talks about being the risk of being an entrepreneur in the media where he emphasizes the need of having a realistic idea of your own chances of success and having the courage to give up on the projects that are “just not going to make it”. Responsibility and commitment, to push the ideas through, the energy level, doubt, learning from what you’ve done, being open to unusual inputs are very important; Chitester goes deep in these topics and gives inspiring advice.

Later he talks about leadership and says you cannot teach how to be a good leader, but everyone has that quality in themselves, you only have to face up to it and it's really important:

Developing a style where you get the most out of the people that you’re leading, and the way you make that is making sure they do some leading too.”

Chitester also says everyone should learn every single skill they can and have several jobs to gain the respect of the people who work for you. Learn about his experience as an entrepreneur in the TV industry and get inspired by his ideas.


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