00:01    |    
Initial credits
00:06    |    
Introduction by Arnoud De Meyer
00:39    |    
Role of research and development in economic growth
Economic growth issues in Singapore
05:31    |    
Role of individual entrepreneurs
Personal experiences in entrepreneurship
Importance of timing, concept and location in business
13:34.5    |    
Lessons from the entrepreneurial journey
14:37    |    
Sources of ideas and innovation
Importance of the "lead user"
How to find the "lead user" for specific products
Product presentation and features
Unexpected origins of the "lead user"
26:50.5    |    
Innovation in services and business models
Production and consumption in services
Importance of platforms and infrastructure
Bookstores versus online shopping
Home banking
38:15    |    
Decision-tree analysis and questions
41:41    |    
Organization and collaboration
43:32    |    
Networks and team effort in innovation
Leading and creating innovation in the network
49:45    |    
Final lessons and advice
50:48    |    
Question and answer period
What provides the framework for companies to steer out?
Innovative companies and services in Singapore
Special characteristics of the country
Education and technology as motors for innovation
Importance of good governments and enhanced productivity
Globalized view of Singapore
Clarification on data
01:00:53    |    
Final credits




Role of Young Entrepreneurs in Innovation

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Arnoud De Meyer talks about the importance of research and development to positively contribute in every country’s economic growth. He explains how investing in science and technology, eventually results in good returns, even though this outcome is not immediate. De Meyer comments on the important role individual entrepreneurs play in innovation and the value of private investment. In the effort to provide a clear understanding, he shares a few lessons learned during his entrepreneurial journey, and advises on finding a “lead user”, who is a consumer of a product or service, currently facing needs that are yet unknown to other users and who, ultimately, will benefit if solutions to such needs are found. He also illustrates several sources of novelty and examples of how products and services have evolved with the aid of platforms, technology and better infrastructure. Finally, De Meyer expresses his perspective on innovation in services and business models, networking, teamwork, and organization.

Arnoud De Meyer is president of Singapore Management University. Previously, he was Director of Judge Business School at the University…


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