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    Opening credits
  • 00:20    |    
    Presentation by Ambassador Victor C. McIntyre of Trinidad and Tobago
  • 01:5.400000000000006    |    
    Ronald Reagan: Remarks on the Caribbean Basin Initiative to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States
  • 01:5.400000000000006    |    
  • Principles of the Organization of American States
  • 01:39    |    
    American States common quest for freedom
    • Fight for independence
    • Common set of principles
  • 02:46    |    
    Unity of American countries
    • John F. Kennedy's citation
    • We are all Americans
    • Rule of law
  • 03:49    |    
    Past situation of America
    • Political weakness
    • Economic misery
    • Racial and social injustice
  • 04:35    |    
    Economic development and human fulfillment
  • The New World
  • 05:40    |    
    Unifying countries
    • Accord between United States, Mexico and Canada
    • United States paternalism
    • Caribbean and Central America
      • El Salvador
      • Caribbean
  • 08:30    |    
    Caribbean Basin economic health
  • Caribbean economic siege
  • 10:32    |    
    Free trade economic program
    • Trade, aid and investment
    • Self-sustaining growth
    • Market-oriented policies
  • 11:35    |    
    Free trade for Caribbean exports
    • Duty-free treatment for twelve years
    • Exception
    • Impact
    • Tax incentives for investment in the Caribbean Basin
    • Supplemental fiscal year
    • Technical assitance and training
    • Closer work with Mexico, Canada and Venezuela
    • Benefits for Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
    • Vitality of the program
    • Jamaica's improvement by freedom
  • 17:21    |    
    Dangers to economic and social development
    • New colonialism
    • Dictatorships
    • Communism
    • Enemies of freedom
      • Cuban war supplies provided by the Soviet Union
      • Nicaragua as a platform for covert military action
      • Nicaraguas's repression against freedom principles
      • El Salvador's guerillas refuse to democratic processes
  • 22:46.5    |    
    Defense of freedom
    • Increased security assistance
    • Protection of values and principles
  • 25:14    |    
  • 29:37    |    
    Final credits

Ronald Reagan’s speech about the Caribbean, at the Organization of American States

New Media  | 24 de febrero de 1982  | Vistas: 1001

About this video

Free trade and economical assistance were some of the promises made by Ronald Reagan in his speech at the Organization of American States in 1982. His program "trade, aid and investment" seeked to benefit the American continent as a whole. Dangers such as Communism and limited freedoms are a problem Reagan saw as a threat to security interests in the region. 


Ronald Reagan's speech about the Caribbean, at the Organization of American States
Ronald Reagan

Hall of the Americas
Organization of American States Building
February 24, 1982

Digitization made by New Media -  UFM. January 2008.
Conversion: Jorge Samayoa; index, synopsis and transcript's video synchronization: Ximena García; content reviser: Daphne Ortiz; publication: Mario Pivaral / Carlos Petz

Ronald Reagan's speech found in The American Presidency Project.


Ronald Wilson Reagan was the 40th President of the United States…


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