Social Cooperation under the Division of Labor (Discussion)

04 de mayo de 2012   | Vistas: 8 |  

A discussion forum between Peter Boettke and academics from Universidad Francisco Marroquín is conducted, in which Boettke elaborates on different ideas related to social cooperation, viewed from an Austrian economics perspective. Ideas such as preconditions, required in order to have social cooperation and division of labor.

He also illustrates on how economics is implied in managerial decisions, specifically present value calculation and risk analysis. Great liberal thinkers are mentioned and cited in reference to social cooperation. To close the initial speech, prior to the dialogue, Boettke reminds the audience about the existing antagonism between economists and politicians.

The discussion among academics is oriented towards the instructing of economics, while special attention is placed on teaching the ideas of three influential thinkers in the field of economics, such as Ayn Rand and the use of literature in the form of novels, Deirdre McCloskey's bourgeois virtues and Don Lavoie's interpretive turn. Focus is not only guided on how to teach these ideas but also on to what degree of scholarship it should be taught.


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