00:00    |    
Initial credits
00:06    |    
Introduction by Peter Boettke
Quotes Rivalry and Central Planning, Don Lavoie
Quotes Free Banking in Britain, Lawrence H. White
Career start
03:28    |    
Preconditions for social cooperation and division of labor
Free and non-free societies
Three P's and I's
06:04    |    
Economics implied in present value and risk calculation
Quotes Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk, Peter L. Bernstein
Quotes Ludwig von Mises
Quotes David Hume
Quotes Adam Smith
09:28    |    
Libertarians and community awareness
10:38    |    
Harry Johnson, an economics professor
Life at the University of Chicago
13:43    |    
Visit to Universidad Francisco Marroquín, an inspirational experience
16:00    |    
Main principles and thinkers of economics
Social gains from cooperation and the division of labor
Manuel F. Ayau's motivation for involvement
Quotes "The Role of Principles in Economics and Politics", Frank H. Knight, The American Economic Review
20:04    |    
Legacy of liberal economists
22:33    |    
New economics ideas and fallacies
Quotes The Rational Optimist, Matt Ridley
Quotes Adapt, Tim Harford
23:59    |    
Economists and politicians
Quotes Friedrich A. Hayek
Quotes Lyndon B. Johnson
26:25    |    
Question and answer period
Do you teach Ayn Rand in your classes?
Quotes Ayn Rand Nation, Gary Weiss
Use of novels to teach economics Quotes Hard Times, Charles DickensQuotes The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck
Ayn Rand's novels and philosophy
Ayn Rand as a person
Lawrence H. White's literature
Have you used Deirdre McCloskey's work in your class?
Deirdre McCloskey's current project
The experience of teaching McCloskey's virtues
Quotes Ludwig von Mises
Topics covered in McCloskey's books
Friedrich A. Hayek's rules of just conduct
How and when do you teach Don Lavoie's interpretive turn?
Judges and regulators
Quotes Why Perestroika Failed, Peter Boettke
Teaching Don Lavoie to different students
Mainline and mainstream economics
Austrian economics influence in mainline economics
Quotes Man, Economy, and State, Robert P. Murphy
Quotes Economics, Organization, and Management, Paul Milgrom and John Roberts
01:15:06    |    
Final words
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Final credits




Social Cooperation under the Division of Labor (Discussion)

04 de mayo de 2012   | Vistas: 6 |  

A discussion forum between Peter Boettke and academics from Universidad Francisco Marroquín is conducted, in which Boettke elaborates on different ideas related to social cooperation, viewed from an Austrian economics perspective. Ideas such as preconditions, required in order to have social cooperation and division of labor.

He also illustrates on how economics is implied in managerial decisions, specifically present value calculation and risk analysis. Great liberal thinkers are mentioned and cited in reference to social cooperation. To close the initial speech, prior to the dialogue, Boettke reminds the audience about the existing antagonism between economists and politicians.

The discussion among academics is oriented towards the instructing of economics, while special attention is placed on teaching the ideas of three influential thinkers in the field of economics, such as Ayn Rand and the use of literature in the form of novels, Deirdre McCloskey's bourgeois virtues and Don Lavoie's interpretive turn. Focus is not only guided on how to teach these ideas but also on to what degree of scholarship it should be taught.

Peter Boettke is professor of economics at George Mason University, where he also serves as vice president for research, BB&T…


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