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Initial credits
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Introduction by Zachary Caceres
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Family background
Story of Horace Heath
Wolftrap, the old family estate
Effects of the American Civil War on the family
American Medical Association as a tool for destroying competition
Creation of a hospital in the Heath's estate
Application of the restitution by the destruction of the family farm
Great-grandfather: A rebel minister
09:06    |    
The story of Spencer Heath
"Pop Daddy"
Interest in engineering
Relationship between Spencer and Horace Heath
Extensive study and practice in the area of engineering
Design of the lock-out box
Change in direction: The study of law and governance
Specialization of patent of law and his base of practice
Beginning of the First World War
Mahogany lobbying and its effects on the industrial propellers
Incursion of the propeller design
Aerodynamic design of the helicopter before the growth of demand
Relation with the movie Anna and the King of Siam
Entrepreneurial spirit in Baltimore
Industrial creation of propellers for allied forces during the War
Franklin D. Roosevelt's introduction of cost-plus contracting in the war industry 
Flaw in the government specifications in the propellers 
Productive assumption in the discovery of solutions for a difficult problem
Interest in science
First transatlantic flight in history
Design of the first engine-powered and controlled variable and reversible pitch propeller
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Relationship between Spencer MaCcallum and Spencer Heath
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Keeping the liberal tradition
46:55    |    
Quotes The Trial, Franz Kafka
53:11    |    
Suffering from a speech disorder
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Death of his grandfather and its effects
57:20    |    
Transcribing the ideas of his grandfather
58:23    |    
What can you tell us about Edwin Clarence Riegel (E. C. Riegel) and how did you save and restored his work?
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Entrepreneurial communities
01:12:32    |    
Institute for Humane Studies
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Final words
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Final credits




Spencer Heath and a Libertarian Tradition

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Spencer MacCallum tells about the legacy of Spencer Heath, his grandfather, from whom he learned libertarian ideas and understood the importance of the community. Beginning by talking about his family background, he details the special bond he shared with whom he referred to as an unknown philosopher, and who amongst other things, collaborated in the design of the first rotary engine used in helicopters, founded the American Propeller Manufacturing Company, and aided in the First World War.

MacCallum decided to make his life mission to watch that his grandfather's ideas did not get lost, and consequently, expounded and popularized his work on the book The Art of Community, and with his libertarian background, worked extensively on the philosophy and design of communities, in which he believed rested the importance of living in society.


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