Startup Cities: A New Approach to Reform

29 de agosto de 2014   | Vistas: 1097 |  

Zachary Caceres starts by sharing how his experience in the dump on Guatemala City took him to think about the process of social technologies' development and name the problem "The Miriam's paradox". He explains that there are two types of technologies -physical and social- and how a different approach in policy innovations can resolve poverty issues. Caceres talks about the Startup Culture, its characteristics as a humility philosophy, law and government perception and customer-entrepreneur relationship; in which he emphasizes about the importance of validation process of new local policies and how this process protects the whole nation of possible failure. At the end, Caceres exposes some current projects in Honduras and Dubai that are showing positive economic results. After that, he presents the Startup Cities Institute and invite the students to join it and colaborate with the work that it realizes.


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