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    Initial credits
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    What is Students for Liberty?
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    Students for Liberty is US-based, but is there a role for students from abroad?
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    What can a student do for liberty?
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    What is the profile of the students that participating in the organization?
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    If a student approaches you and asks what liberty really means, what would you answer?
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    In terms of the activities of Students for Liberty, what is considered to be good news for you?
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    What do you expect from the participants of the organization?
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    Is there a specific range of age for participants?
  • 05:48    |    
    If someone asks you why should they join the organization, what would you answer?
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    How do we know that today's generation is the most libertarian that has existed?
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    You mentioned personal anecdotes, do you have any favorite?
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    What would you recommend a student to read in order to begin to get acquainted with the philosophy of freedom?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Students for Liberty: A Libertarian Generation

New Media  | 19 de octubre de 2012  | Vistas: 29

Luis Figueroa and Alexander McCobin have a conversation regarding Students for Liberty, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a unified, student-driven forum of support for students and student organizations dedicated to liberty.  They speak about the main purpose of the organization and explain how participants can get involved in order to become advocates of liberty and defenders of a free society.  Even though it is a US-based assembly, McCobin describes how it has expanded and how the principles they believe in have began to spread amongst young people in different educational institutes globally.


Alexander McCobin is founder and president of Students for Liberty. He…