• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Teaching undergraduates
  • 02:06    |    
    The universal job of economics teachers
  • 02:46    |    
    Discussing the paper: "Teaching Austrian Economics to Graduate Students," Peter Boettke
  • 04:19    |    
    Dallas Federal Reserve conference to honor Milton Friedman
    • Quotes Ben Bernanke
    • Quotes Gary Stanley Becker
  • 06:21    |    
    Economy: A profession by clever people
  • 07:06    |    
    Sports analogy for teaching
  • 08:34    |    
    First rule for teaching Austrian economics
  • 09:26    |    
    Points discussed in the essay
  • 09:42    |    
    First: Emphasis of the phrase "Austrian economics"
    • Social philosophy aspects of economy
    • Training of graduate students in economic
    • Strive to work with the best minds
  • 16:30    |    
    Second: Omission versus comission
  • Quotes Mancur Olson
  • 20:29    |    
    Third: Basic economics for students
    • Modern economics, techniques, and language
    • Competitive advantage in economy
    • What students should never forget
  • 30:48    |    
    Fourth: Pursue your passion and not fashion
    • Invite criticism
    • Austrian economic thought on giving ideas
    • Never be afraid to listen and try ideas
    • Stretch and test your comfort zone
    • Be ambitious and committed to truth
  • 42:20    |    
    Fifth: Basic formula for academic success
    • Becoming a household name
    • The job market
    • Personality and knowledge should balance
    • Write clearly, speak effectively, and strive to excel
  • 52:09    |    
    Peter Boettke's confession
  • 53:57    |    
    Work of Peter Boettke's colleagues
  • 56:34    |    
    Communication economics to students
  • 57:43    |    
    Implications of teaching economics
  • 59:25    |    
  • 01:00:54    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Should we give relevance to both economy and philosophy?
    • Where is economics or philosophy needed?
    • How can we discuss social issues in an economics class?
    • The law of three
    • How can you make this transition to become a master?
    • The Internet, information not knowledge
    • What would you consider to be a wonderful learning experience with regular students?
    • Respect towards student's knowledge
    • What would have made me happy while teaching in the past?
    • Most important principle of economics according to James M. Buchanan
    • Change of economics
    • How did you decide to start working with Peter Boettke?
    • Competitive game in the United States
    • Labor of love in teaching
  • 01:44:22    |    
    Final credits

Teaching Austrian Economics to Graduate Students

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Peter Boettke discusses an essay written by him, "Teaching Austrian Economics to Graduate Students". This paper was selected by the Dallas Federal Reserve in 2003, in a conference to honor Milton Friedman. Boettke uses this essay as a guide while explaining different techniques that can be applied in teaching and stresses that the fundamental role of economics professors is to show their students to appreciate the discipline of economics, so they can become informed participants in the real life's democratic process. He explains why it is important for educators to understand their students, in order to decide if the group would be more interested in an economics or a philosophical point of view, regarding the Austrian economy. Boettke believes that striving to work with the best minds and accepting criticism from peers will allow greater learning and to broaden knowledge.


Peter Boettke is professor of economics at George Mason University, where…


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