The Art of Cerebral Resuscitation

28 de octubre de 2010   | Vistas: 5 |  

Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the highest death causes in the United States. In this conference, Bryan O'Neil presents useful methods of cerebral resuscitation, which have proved to save many lives. He explains basic elements regarding CPR methods and the basic methodology of this life-saving process. He explains what must be done and what not in CPR, according to each type of situation. O'Neil clarifies myths regarding the use of hypothermia after cardiac arrest and describes the benefits it provides to patients in the long-term. He states that the brain is the organ that needs more attention during these situations and comments on how this method allows the preservation of its overall health. Finally, he shares results from trials and experiments recorded in health centers, which support his thesis regarding this type of procedure, and he encourages students to take advantage of it as it provides beneficial results.


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