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The Art of Making Places: Panel Discussion (Part IV)

18 de octubre de 2010   | Vistas: 21 |  

In this video, Dhiru Thadani leads Léon Krier and Rob Krier in a panel discussion that revolves around their philosophies and ideas about work in the field of architectural and urban design.  Both talk about the expansion and change that urban planning is now facing throughout the world, mentioning concrete examples in countries like Italy.  They also discuss their life-long experiences in this field and how each of them began and came to expand their career. They draw on their many years of experience to comment the future and importance that urban planning entails.  For them, understanding the history of structures provides a useful tool in composing elements in building and constructing new designs.  Finally, they give useful suggestions to future architects, which include actively getting to know traditions in a region and understanding the importance of forming cities.

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Léon Krier is architect and urban planner of modern traditional architecture. He studied at Universität Stuttgart, Germany. He was professor…

Rob Krier is architect and urban designer with emphasis on traditional city. He is partner at Krier-Kohl Architects. Previously, he…

Dhiru A. Thadani is a consultant, architect, urbanist and educator; he has worked on projects in Asia, Europe, North and…


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