The Centenary of Ludwig von Mises’s Book on ‘Socialism’: Lessons Still Not Learned

New Media  | 16 de mayo de 2022  | Vistas: 39

In this conference, Richard Ebeling talks about the lessons still not learned that 'Socialism' left us, one of the most important books by Ludwig von Mises that is celebrating its centenary of existence.

In the book, Mises demonstrates the impossibility of carrying out socialism, both as an economic and political system, and Ebeling mentions how it impacted an entire generation that dreamed of improving the world with this ideology. The lack of incentives causes social stagnation that does not allow people to develop, innovate and outgrow or improve their living conditions.

Ebeling explains how this book by Mises, in addition to being a sensation in the academic world of his time, also functioned as a statement to highlight the successes of liberalism. Concepts such as property, the individual, freedom, autonomy, are fundamental for the preservation of culture and civilization.

What is the ultimate and most fundamental property that you personally own: yourself. You are unique, and distinct and individual human being who should recognize as an end in himself. Use yourself through the chosen means to the ends and goals that will give your life purpose and meaning."

On his closing remarks, Ebeling stated how socialism means the end of the individual, because one becomes part of state ownership and control. And also, he highlighted how Mises's book was designed for future generations, so that they can defend their rights, their freedoms, without prejudice and external influences, focusing on the great importance of individuality.


Author, economist, professor and honorary doctor of UFM