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    The civil society route to environmental protection
  • 02:50    |    
    Grass roots and environmental organizations
  • 06:46    |    
    The National Audubon Society
  • 11:45    |    
    Government control
  • 14:12    |    
    Examples of environmental organizations
  • 18:00    |    
    Why we don't know more about these organizations
    • The government's role in protecting the environment
      • Global warming
      • The population problem
    • A society caught up in extreme environmental concerns
    • Scientists and environmental organizations
    • Environmental groups
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  • 40:03    |    
    • Do you believe in private certification?
    • Do you believe in green marketing?
    • What do you feel are the biggest problems here in Guatemala?
    • Is every issue a false issue?
    • What problems should concern us the most?
    • What can we do about these problems?

The Civil Route to Environmental Protection

New Media  | 27 de octubre de 1998  | Vistas: 2557

About this video

Jane Shaw focuses on what the civil route to environmental protection can be. She states her firm belief in property rights and explains how non-governmental organizations are more involved in political education than in environmental protection. She mentions that no decision is permanent under government control and that the common assumption that the government alone must protect the environment is wrong. Shaw also comments on grassroots, which are organizations that focus on the environment, created due to the frustration of previous environmental failures. Many of them are located in big cities and tend to create activities in order for various environmental-unfriendly laws to be modified. In order to ensure that her point is understandable, she talks about the National Audubon Society, an environmental group that has been working for about 100 years and that among its objectives there is the change of laws and the opposition to oil-drilling in refuges.


The Civil Route to Environmental Protection
Jane Shaw

Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, October 27, 1998

Digitization made by New Media - UFM. Guatemala, October 1998
Index: Anna Rodriguez; synopsis: Sebastian del Buey; synopsis reviser: Daphne Ortiz; publication: Pedro David España


Jane Shaw is a Senior Fellow of PERC, Property and Environment…