The Conflict with ISIS: Issues of Law and Strategy

12 de enero de 2016   | Vistas: 6 |  

With clear precision Robert Delahunty expounds the diverse and complex problems on the Middle East that have created the opportunity for the rise of the Islamic State, a jihadist terrorist group based on the area known as the Levant. From the Irak war to the ancient rivalry between Sunites and Shiites, the Caliphate has been a horrific success and has redefined a new form of worldwide terrorism. It is a serious threat for the world because it has the possibility of durability and expansion throughout the failed states that it has usurped authority. From blunders in American policy to regional and global rivalries, the militant faith has grown to occupy a center stage in worldwide conflicts, playing its cards to inflame tensions throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. Taking the propagation of global Jihadism upon itself, ISIS has become the most influential radical terrorist group in the world.


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