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Initial credits
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03:05    |    
Entrepreneur in Austrian Economics
03:43    |    
Why talk about entrepreneurship?
Interest of academic research journals in entrepreneurship
Centers, institutes and programs devoted to entrepreneurship
Muhammad Yunus
08:20    |    
Who is an entrepreneur?
Entrepreneurs throughout history
Quotes The Entrepreneurial Society, David B. Audretsch
11:20    |    
Different elements fitting one label
11:41    |    
Thinking about entrepreneurship
12:31    |    
Mainstream perspective: entrepreneurship as a phenomenon
15:49    |    
Austrian perspective: entrepreneurship as a fundamental aspect of economic behavior
Human action according to Ludwig von Mises
Opportunity cost
Narrower notion about entrepreneurship
A functional definition
25:10    |    
Fundamental categories of action from an Austrian point of view
25:21    |    
Means and ends
Carl Menger
26:19    |    
Time and uncertainty
Quotes Essay on the Nature of Trade in General, Richard Cantillon
29:42    |    
Entrepreneur according to Ludwig von Mises
Pure entrepreneur
Economic functions
Profit and loss
Capital resources
Ludwig von Mises' description
34:12    |    
Special class of entrepreneur
Characteristics of the promoter
36:58    |    
Austrian capital theory
39:19    |    
Variety within the Austrian tradition
Israel Kirzner
Disinterest in entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship as an instrumental way
Joseph A. Schumpeter
Disequilibrating force
Economic growth
46:31    |    
Similarities between the view of Ludwig von Mises and Frank Knight
Risk versus uncertainty
48:24    |    
Government and entrepreneurship
Economic policy
Entrepreneurship in a socialist economy
Entrepreneurship in a capitalist economy
Bailouts and subsidies
Government training
57:43    |    
Question and answer period
Why government cannot teach how to be an entrepreneur?
What do you think about the propositions regarding the equilibrium or disequilibrium of entrepreneurship?
How do cultural differences affect?
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Final credits




The Entrepreneur in Austrian Economics

05 de septiembre de 2011   | Vistas: 61 |   Austrian School Of Economics Capitalism Economy Entrepreneurship

Peter Klein talks about the increasing interest entrepreneurial activities have had during the past years, and explains its relation with Austrian Economics by describing the many contributions made to entrepreneurship. After explaining the meaning and components of an entrepreneur, Klein points out the fundamental categories of action according to the Austrian School of Economics and mentions several names of people, within the Austrian tradition, who have dedicated time to teach about entrepreneurship, such as Israel Kirzner and Joseph Schumpeter, among others. He concludes discussing the role that governments play in entrepreneurial activities and how to prevent it from impeding progress.

“The term entrepreneur as used by catallactic theory means: acting man exclusively seen from the aspect of the uncertainty inherent in every action.” Ludwig von Mises


Peter Klein is researcher on economics of organization, entrepreneurship and corporate strategy. He is Associate Professor of Applied Social Sciences…


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