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    Introduction by Dr. Arthur A. Sheinfeld
  • 02:07    |    
    Just system
  • 03:34    |    
    Moral aspect
  • 04:31    |    
    Enemies of the free economy
  • 05:14    |    
    Allegations against free economy
    • 1. Good for the rich and bad for the poor
    • 2. Exploitation
    • 3. Produces greed
    • 4. Rapes the Earth
  • 17:06    |    
    Reasons why the free economy is just
    • 1. Private property
    • 2. "No such thing as a free lunch"
    • 3. Differences between rich and poor
    • 4. "Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself."
      • Plenty of food?
      • Roof over our heads?
      • Command over our lives
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The Moral Foundations of the Free Economy

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About this video

Arthur A. Shenfield, renowned economist from Berkshire, England, highlights the moral foundations of a free economy. He analyzes some of the counterpoints made by opponents of free market economies and describes the institution of private property, which he explains is the foundation of true morality. He emphasizes the inequality of wealth distribution in other economic systems and his belief that all human beings want the freedom to be their own masters and to be able to choose for themselves. Dr. Shenfield explains some of the misunderstandings that lead to categorizing the free market system as egoistical, demonstrating that it is in fact built on strong moral foundations.


The Moral Foundations of the Free Economy
Dr. Arthur A. Shenfield

Digitization made by New Media - UFM, Guatemala.
Index: Lucía Bahr; publication: Pedro David España


Arthur A. Shenfield es un economista de Berkshire, Inglaterra. Fue presidente…


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