The Role of Music in Culture and Education

New Media  | 18 de octubre de 2016  | Vistas: 537

Jonathan Griffith, a passionate for music since he was a young child shares his view on the importance of music in education and culture.

He begins by talking about his studies in music and how he has come to conclude that music is essential for development and education. According to his experience, he describes what he thinks would be an appropriate musical learning path and comments on the usual confusion between music and entertainment, where they are actually two different elements with different impacts. Later, regarding how an ideal school of music should be, he says:

Music should be part of a young child’s development and it should continue all the way up to when they become adults. It doesn’t mean that everybody becomes a musician but that they become appreciative of music.”

Far ahead he describes the role of mentorship in a musical learning path and the impact a school of music would have in Guatemala. Finally, he shares some of the best moments of his career. You might be interested in learning about Team-Based Learning: An Effective Educational Approach 


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