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Initial credits
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Ethan Nadelmann's background
Quotes  On Liberty, John Stuart Mill
Intersection between International Relations and Criminology
Experience in the State Department
Quotes  Cops Across Borders: The Internationalization of U.S. Criminal Law Enforcement, Ethan Nadelmann
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War on drugs
Failed prohibitionist policy
08:17    |    
Alcohol prohibition
Worldwide prohibition movements
An intelligent legal regulatory policy
12:10    |    
Perception of marijuana in the United States
California Marijuana Legalization Initiative
Real risks of marijuana
20:20    |    
Rates of incarceration around the world
23:06    |    
Prison industrial complex
26:55    |    
Legal and illegal drugs through time
29:01    |    
Drug users
Opium users
Addiction to coffee
Drug prohibition based on cultural conflicts
Social racial phenomenon
38:48.5    |    
Drug Policy Alliance
Decriminalization of the drug user
40:49    |    
Multigenerational struggle
Quotes "Global Prohibition Regimes: The Evolution of Norms in International Society", Ethan Nadelmann
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Optimal drug policies
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Final words
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Final credits




The Role of Science and Individual Rights in Drug Policies

16 de febrero de 2012   | Vistas: 22 |   Crime Culture Drugs Freedom

Ethan Nadelmann talks about prohibition and criminalization of drugs in the United States and around the world. He comments on the existence and social acceptance of some common legal drugs through time and explains that prohibition has been a result of cultural and racial conflicts in the United States. As banning drugs has proven not to be the best approach towards this issue, Nadelmann proposes an alternative based on science, economic rationality, consensus and debate that can be the most efficient way to solve this inconvenient and problematic reality.

Ethan Nadelmann is the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. He takes a public health - rather…


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