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Lisa Quan  | 08 de octubre de 2021  | Vistas: 34

The Acton MBA is designed for Entrepreneurs, Family Business Owners, Innovators, Professionals, and Investors to learn the life cycle of a business. The program teaches timeless tools, competencies, habits, attitudes, and criteria needed to make better decisions in the real world of business.

Teachers are successful entrepreneurs that will facilitate your learning experience by asking the right questions and tackle the hardest problems practicing the principles that separate success from failure. 

Acton was the perfect next step for me because I was a seasoned professional but I really needed help understanding business.” — Marcia Caporn

In Acton MBA cases are taught as flight simulators in which students face real-world problems, discuss diligently and, finally propose down-to-earth, actionable, and valuable solutions.

Marcia Caporn, Chief Operating Officer of p1440, shares her experience as a student of the Acton MBA program. Marcia explains that she wanted to take more control of her career and Acton taught her how to live a life of meaning by having more confidence as a business executive in making decisions and balancing her needs as a professional and a mom.

I chase proffits not unicorns. It's all about really making a meaningful business that takes care of employees, and takes care of you and your family.” — Marcia Caporn

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